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Learning technical skills is only the beginning. We want our campers to see that their IT skills have real world value, and instill in them the confidence to ensure that their knowlege and skills won't be second guessed.


Knowing when and where to apply IT skills to solve problems is the key to success, and that means trying new approaches while working with other people. Our camp includes team-building exercises and team-based work so that our campers learn how to plan, get organized, and work effectively with others.

Technical Skills

You can't geek out without IT skills! Our IT curriculum starts with computer hardware and works all the way up the stack to applications, because we want our campers to understand how all the IT parts work together. When they get home, campers should be able to diagnose and fix problems with their home computers and networks, and be ready to help build the technology tools of tomorrow.

What is Girls Geek Out?

A five day information technology summer camp for girls, July 8th to 12th, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, offered at ODU through the IT department in the Strome College of Business. Lunch will be provided.

Who is it for?

We accept girls who are currently in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade that are interested in IT. We want our campers to know there is a community in IT that will provide them encouragement and resources so they can pursue their dreams. The cost is $350 per camper. Need-based scholarships are available.

More than just programming

In small teams, campers take apart and reassemble a computer, connect their computers to form a network, and build an application, all while learning a lot about teamwork and leadership. On Wednesday, they will tour a local company to see how important these skills are in the real world.

Career and education connections

IT students at ODU serve as counselors and role models to guide the campers through the learning process. Successful IT professionals serve as mentors throughout the week: they will eat lunch with the campers and talk about how they made it in the IT business.

Apply To Experience All That IT Can Be!

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Why should you become a mentor?

Because you're a role model! Girls don't see many women in IT in movies or TV, so they may not realize how many successful women are already in the business. You'll give our campers a taste of real life success stories, and be someone they can aspire to be like, and someone who gives invaluable knowledge and insight as they choose their education path.


What are mentors expected to do?

Have lunch! You'll meet your team of campers on Monday for lunch and talk about how you became successful in the IT field. Then, after the Girls have "Geeked Out" for a week, you'll meet them again for lunch Friday to see what your team has learned and accomplished, give them a big cheer, and talk about their future plans.


How do you become a mentor?

Contact Russell Haines (rhaines@odu.edu). We'll ask our mentors to consider donating to help us achieve our goal of 10 campers supported by scholarships. Download and fill out the form below to donate, apply to be a mentor, and be a force of change in our campers' IT careers!

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